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My internet was down for 5 minutes so i went downstairs and spoke to my family

They seem like nice people

kratom-babe: Why drugs and what drugs ?


Most drugs. I cannot explain to you why if you have no tried high doses of uppers.  They show you the capacities of your brain.  The highest capacity for my brain to comprehend success and happiness/elation.  The highest capacity that my brain can experience love.  With chemicals I have shown myself my human boundaries, transcending so far out of normal emotional boundaries that one can become apathetic.  What stops you?  I have also seen the limits of my brain to feel bad and that is a scarier place than you can ever imagine.

Anonymous: your eyes are absolutely gorgeous

Thank you :) I actually do like my eyes, however without makeup I have tiny little eyes haha but I love having green eyes. <33

the-jolly-green-giant: you look alot like amy lee in some of those photos!

haha yeah, it depends on my hair and makeup, I’ve been told that, I’ve also been told I look like a few other people too haha

pretty-clavicles: I just wanted to let you know I came across your blog yesterday and wish I was half as fabulous as you, haha. =D.

aww thank you, that’s so nice and hey! Don’t say that! I don’t always feel that fabulous haha we are all fabulous in our own way. <33

Anonymous: Why do you feel like the need to label yourself goth or alternative? Why can't you simply be yourself, without limits as to what to like? Are you so insecure that you must completely alter your appearance, identify with a certain group, and then feel as though you are an advocate for that group as well? I don't mean to sound rude or offensive, I'm just simply curious.




Limits. LIMITS. You must be pretty new here.XD Have you SEEN the music I listen to? I own a velvet baby pink tracksuit and more hello kitty stuff than anyone should ever own. If you wanna talk to people who “limit” themselves to something, I ain’t your girl.:’) Crying.

I am what I am, and “goth” happens to be an excellent word for networking. I am not a “goth” to try and fit into some little box. “goth” just happens to describe a decent chunk of MY personal style, lifestyle and tastes, and by sticking it as a tag or title on some of my stuff, it allows other people who enjoy the same stuff to find me out in the vast sea of random shite that is the internet.

I mean I am genuinely sorry, I don’t mean to sound rude or offensive either so I’m not being sarcastic when I apologise, but this whole message is kinda ridiculous.

I dress how I want to dress. I listen to what I want to listen to. And this - “Are you so insecure that you must completely alter your appearance, identify with a certain group, and then feel as though you are an advocate for that group as well?" I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or punch something. 

I have been dressing how I feel like dressing for years and I won’t have some greyface come along and try to tell me I’m limiting myself or I’m “completely altering my appearance because I’m insecure”. Not only is it kinda stupid and very wrong, its fuckin’ rude, I mean damn.

So yeah, this is just how I am, “goth” happens to describe it, and by using that word I am able to network and connect with others who happen to be described by it.

Damn. And with that, I’m off to bed because too much nope.

Will be back to answering messages tomorrow lovelies.^O^ Sorry to end the night on a sour note but after a couple of messages kinda poking at this, this one was so stupid and rude that I was like, thassit, bitches need to learn~ lol.

And as I said I hope I haven’t offended anyone but just like.. dude. No.

"why can’t you just be yourself" "are you so insecure"

"no offense just curious"

seriously, broham? You don’t think that’s rude as shit to say?

and you’re totally limiting yourself by knowing what you like, finding other people who like similar things, and connecting to them. Yeah. That sounds like limiting yourself and not, I don’t know, creating a community or whatever


You know, I have all my negative reaction gifs, I now need to make some gifs to show utter joy and love to people like you. Yes. All the yes.